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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I need to make an appointment to visit the work shop?             Though an appointment is not required, it is preferred as we split our time between the work shop and project sites. An appointment guarantees that you will be greeted and that your questions will be answered. 2. Will I be charged for an estimate?     Our estimates are done free of charge. Payments begin when the project does. 3. Can I fax project designs and blueprints? Yes, our office fax is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure a quality print out, fax originals rather than copies. You may also drop off designs and blueprints at the office. Be sure to call ahead to ensure that they will be received without delay. 4. Can I send project designs and blueprints via email?           Yes, our email account, artemio_gar@msn.com, is checked at least once a day. To avoid delay in providing an estimate, please send files in PDF format. 5. How long does it take to provide an estimate? An estimate may be provided in one business day. However, that may vary as we try to balance our responsibilities to all our clients. Project size also influences the time in which we can provide an estimate. 6. In what medium should I expect to receive an estimate? We are able to send you an estimate via email, fax, and/or hard copy. We will ask you to inform us of which is the most convenient form. 7. What is your company's payment policy? To build trust between company and client, we ask that you provide us with a 45% deposit payment at the start of the project. The remaining 55% payment is to be received at the completion of the project to ensure client satisfaction. Any changes  made to the original estimate will be added to the second payment. 8. Am I able to make payments with a credit card or check? At this time, we are not accepting payments to be made with a credit card. A check is the preferred payment form. 9. Will I need to purchase a whole slab? The quantity of material varies with each project, therefore a slab or more may or may not be required. You will be notified at the time you receive the estimate of how much material the project will require. If you need to, you may purchase material through one of our recommended suppliers. 10. What is the difference between a granite slab and a pre-fabricated granite piece? Although pre-fabricated pieces are often the most economic choice price-wise, the quality may suffer as the number of joints will likely increase. Due to its size, a slab allows us to decrease the number of joints to a minimum. Upon looking at the project blueprints and designs, we will be able to provide you with the best options for your project. 11. What is the difference between granite and marble? Granite and marble are both natural stones. However, granite as a stone is hard, resistant and does not get scratched or harmed easily. It is made of crystallized minerals and there are different kinds such as quarts, feldspar and mica. Meanwhile, marble consists of different kinds such as limestone, travertine and onyx. Marble is easily stained since its main component is calcium. Therefore, it is more porous and stains easily and requires more care. 12. What are the different finishes and cuts your company is able to complete? Our company offers a variety of finishes, from our most popular, polished, to our increasingly popular honed, leather, hammered, flamed, or brushed. The cuts we offer range from straight to curved, angled to customized requests. The possibilities are innumerable. 13. Can  a granite piece break after it has been installed? Though this is unlikely, your installed piece may break at its thinnest point (i.e. sink area) if a large weight is placed. 14. Can the granite be stained or burnt? After installation, we apply sealer to all pieces. As long as you assure that the sealer coating is reapplied according to the stone type, stains will be prevented. Maintenance information will be provided upon request. In regards to burning, natural granite will be able to survive high temperatures as it was created in the earth's mantle.
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